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My Experience at The Chef Signature

Today, I am going to take you in a journey with me to the my last trip to the Middle East.

Back in 2018, I was on a trip to the Egypt, and I had the chance to try some of the local restaurants there, especially, what the locals advised to try. Almost everyone I met there made it clear that I must try the Middle Eastern food.

On one of the days, I decided to try out one of the best restaurants there, I went there with a local friend of mine called A.S., he ordered few things and was talking to the guy in Arabic, so obviously I didn't understand anything. My friend then turned to me and said: "Get ready because you are about to try the best Middle Eastern food".

In few minutes, the food came, the main plate was Shawarma, with some side dishes like garlic cream, hummus and Falafel. I could swear I never tasted anything like this before, when I asked the guy from the restaurant about the secret behind this amazing flavor, he simply then replied: "It's the Arab secret". Everything was so nice, I ate twice my usual portion.

When I came to Canada, I was in Waterloo, I was meeting a friend and he was working in the Conestoga college, we went to a coffee shop, sat and talked. Then dinner time came, my friend said: "You said you liked Middle Eastern food right!", "Yes!" I replied. He later told me that his students had recommended a place near the college, that has an amazing food and they refer to it as "the best place for students" because it has continuous offers for students; The place was called "The Chef Signature".

Honestly, I was hesitant at the beginning, I didn't know what to expect from a place so far away from the Middle East, claiming to have an authentic taste.

As soon as I entered the place, my mind had completely changed, first of all I was greeted by highly professional chefs all the way from Syria, and the smell did speak for itself, I immediately ordered a Shawarma, the smell brought back that vivid memory of the wrap I had in Egypt.

The guy handed me the wrap, with its special burned bread and one spoon of garlic cream on top. And after the first bite, everything came back to me, and I dived in a magical world. Honestly, I don't know what is the secret behind this special flavor that the Middle Eastern Shawarma has, but as they say, sometimes secrets are better kept untold.

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