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Because good food is international interest

We are bringing the authentic Syrian taste to you. Treat your taste buds, because they deserve the best. Our team consists of the chefs who make the best Syrian treats, with rich tastes.

Our dishes tell stories about Syrian cuisine. Like everyone else, we also have our secret ingredients of which the most important are love and passion for good food and wonderful tastes.
With our 100% Halal dishes, we not only give you delicious meals, but also look after you. We provide continuous outstanding offers as well as special offers for the students.
For us, it is about way more than profit. Enjoy luxurious quality and unforgettable taste with us.

What are you waiting for?

You know your mouth deserves this and your tongue is telling you to do it! We are waiting for you, come and try it for yourself and be the judge.
Be on the journey with our authentic oriental taste.
Let the flavor melt in your mouth, and take you in a journey across the world with.